2016-17 AIEA Presidential Mentors

Elizabeth Brewer is Director of International Education at Beloit College. She previously held positions in graduate student affairs at the New School for Social Research, study abroad at Boston University, and area studies and international programs at the University of Massachusetts. She has written on strategic planning for internationalization, internationalizing the curriculum, study abroad integration, and assessing study abroad. She earned a PhD in Germanic Languages and Literatures at the University of Massachusetts and served as AIEA editor.

Margot Gill is Administrative Dean for International Affairs in Harvard University’s Faculty of Arts and Sciences. Previously, Gill served as Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Administrative Dean for Harvard’s Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. For over twenty years, she has been responsible for Harvard’s international interests in graduate education, recruitment and funding. She holds a PhD and MA in Anthropology from Boston University and a BA in African History from Michigan State University.
Cheryl Matherly is Vice President and Vice Provost for International Affairs at Lehigh University and has responsibility for the strategic leadership of the university’s internationalization plan.  Dr. Matherly received four NSF grants for projects related to the  preparation of science and engineering graduates for the global workforce.   She received two Fulbright grants for international education administrators (Germany and Japan).  She has an EdD in Education Leadership and Culture Studies from the University of Houston.

Susan Popko is Associate Provost for International Programs at Santa Clara University where she leads global strategy and initiatives for the University. She has over 20 years experience in global education. Popko has served on advisory boards for several organizations and has written and presented on a wide range of topics in international education. Currently she serves on the Boards of Directors of The Forum on Education Abroad and the Fund for Education Abroad.

Joanna Regulska is Vice Provost and Associate Chancellor, Global Affairs; and professor in the Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies Program, University of California, Davis. With over thirty years of international experience in higher education, Regulska has led diverse educational projects, successfully raising over $9 million in public and private funds. She has been an AIEA Presidential Fellow (2010-11); received a Doctor Honoris Causa, Tbilisi State University (2011); and received the Fulbright US-Korea International Education Administrator Award (2013).