2020 AIEA Annual Conference 

Rethinking Comprehensive Internationalization for a Global Generation

Thank you for joining us in Washington DC for the 2020 AIEA Annual Conference! 

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February 16-19, 2020 
Washington Marriott Wardman Park, Washington, DC, USA

Theme: Rethinking Comprehensive Internationalization for a Global Generation 

The Association of International Education Administrators 2020 Annual Conference is the only conference specifically for those leading international education at higher education institutions
  • Over 100 sessions and roundtable discussions where international education leaders engage in peer-learning on relevant and key issues for the field 
  • Pre-conference workshops that delve deeper into issues such as international strategic partnerships, virtual exchange, and more!
  • Inspiring keynotes on trends influencing the future of the field 
  • Opportunities to network with colleagues who lead strategy for comprehensive internationalization

Conference Theme:

Internationalization is no longer an option in our already globally interconnected society. It is an imperative for Higher Education Institutions which are educating young people to become global citizens and which are hosting students and faculty from around the world. Internationalization is by definition comprehensive and should cover all dimensions of the mission of higher education institutions. However, the 21st century brings new challenges and we are already witnessing the backlash of globalization. The Academy is more than ever pressed to prove its transformational role and its impacts on society. Students, faculty, leadership and staff are eager to make the world a better place, starting with their own communities. New technologies and approaches are available and being implemented in society and in our educational institutions. In this context, we have a golden opportunity to rethink and redefine Comprehensive Internationalization and the leaders’ roles in meeting the expectations of the global generation. 

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Conference Sub-themes:

  • The Global Generation and Internationalization

The world has changed dramatically these last 20 years. The first generation of the 21st century is already at our colleges and universities, in the workplace, or preparing to start their professional lives. This is a socially and digitally connected generation that cares about the planet, about their neighbors, and about others’ futures. How can SIOs understand this generation better and make internationalization work for them?  What knowledge, skills, and competencies are needed by this generation, particularly in the current political climates around the world? What is the role of languages for the global generation? What are the best ways to build on their global connections? How can SIOs partner with students in the global generation to internationalize the institution together? 

  • Leading Solutions to Address Global Concerns

Internationalization as a cross-cutting process impacts all three dimensions of the institutional mission, and necessitates collaboration among disciplines, service sectors, partners, and beyond. This approach is especially appealing to the new and next generations of researchers, teachers, decision makers, policy makers, and professionals of all sectors. Power and prestige relationships between countries and societies are also changing, and obviously impacting our internationalization initiatives. How can SIOs innovate and collaborate with all stakeholders in order to ensure that internationalization is indeed making a meaningful contribution to society through research, teaching and learning and community engagement? What are the impacts of new alliances, diplomatic relationship shifts, new technology, new sciences, and new borders on SIOs and how should we address these issues?  How can SIOs address sustainable development goals and global concerns through internationalization efforts?

  • Internationalization and Cross-Cutting Innovation in Higher Education

Our institutions continue to evolve and innovate. Global challenges are bringing new opportunities that will influence higher education at home and abroad, and create more multidisciplinary programs and degrees in which internationalization and globalization are mandatory. How can SIOs collaborate with academia and research teams to ensure that arts, humanities, and social sciences are working together with sciences, technology, engineering and mathematics, and bringing interdisciplinary innovation to internationalized curricula for the global generation?  How can we internationalize research in such a way that the sustainable development goals are addressed and met by the institution and its partners? What is the role of emerging technologies in innovating internationalization curricula, research, and partnerships?

  • SIOs as Strategists, Skilled Communicators, Entrepreneurs, and Change Agents

Senior International Officers need a wide range of skills to successfully lead internationalization efforts.  In the light of the general theme and the sub themes of the conference, how can SIOs develop their skills and play their key role as strategists, communicators, entrepreneurs and change agents? What does it mean to be a skilled intercultural communicator? How are these skills informed by the AIEA SIO Standards of Professional Practice? How will generational shifts impact the profession and the skills of new SIOs?  How can SIOs build strong collaborations and partnerships with stakeholders?  What are success stories and lessons learned that can be used by a new generation of SIOs? What are the expected competencies of an SIO in the 21st century, in North America and around the world?