Curriculum as a Collaborative Space: How to Organize Catalytic and Effective SIO-Faculty Collaborations on Curricula

[POSTPONED until April 8-9, 2021
Northern Arizona University
Flagstaff, Arizona

Recent critiques of international education have surfaced many challenges facing the field. It is an opportune time to explore more powerful ways for SIOs and their Centers to move from the academic periphery to the heart of higher education – the curriculum. Key to working with curriculum is to work effectively and collaboratively with faculty.

This interactive Forum will focus on the details of proven, practical, and highly collaborative strategies for working with faculty on curriculum at the institutional, program/major, and course levels to globalize learning experiences for our students. Participants will explore new ways to engage with faculty and academic units for curricular change based upon successful case examples, including innovative and catalytic frameworks adapted from both community organizing theory and practice and dynamic systems theory, creative uses of technology, international dimensions of working with faculty, and effective ways to move beyond study abroad. 

Together will explore in detail:

●  proven and successful strategies, practices, and key pedagogies for working with faculty to effectively create new and modify existing curricula

●  how to foster deep collaborations with faculty for co-creative and empowering curriculum based upon innovative frameworks new to global learning

●  powerful ways to shift the International Center from support services to become a key collaborator at the core of the academy

●  how International Centers can serve as a key node for curricular collaborative transformation and globalization

●  how to initiate and develop an ongoing discussion among SIOs, Center staff, and global educators on these issues to continue to expand the reach and influence of these perspectives.

All SIOs, faculty members, leaders, staff, and others are welcome!

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