SIOs and Brazilian Universities: Building Partnerships under the Capes/PrInt Program

April 23-24, 2020 [POSTPONED until 2021] 
Universidade Estadual Paulista (UNESP)

Sao Paulo, Brazil

This Thematic Forum will engage senior international officers and university leaders in exploring internationalization opportunities in Brazil. It will promote faculty and graduate studies exchanges under the new governmental funding program called PRINT in order to increase the number of institutional partnerships, and to develop innovative and sustainable approaches for collaboration under the program.

This forum intends to increase awareness of the new model for the internationalization in Brazil, through opportunities for dialogue on partnering with Brazilian Higher Education institutions that were selected under PRINT.

Therefore, it is of particular relevance to senior international officers considering the fact that the forum will bring together representatives of Brazilian funding agencies and research associations, national and international specialists on internationalization of research to discuss possibilities of cooperation under this new framework. 

Key questions

  • How can international SIOs work with the Brazilian universities to develop partnerships under PrInt as part of the new Global Strategic Plan of Brazilian HEI? 
  • How can international SIOs create opportunities to engage their faculty and stimulate the creation of international research networks under PrInt? 
  • How can international SIOs disseminate and stimulate their Ph.D. students and young researchers to go to Brazil under the PrInt program?
  • How can international SIOs identify and develop co-funding opportunities 


At the end of this thematic forum, participants – SIOs and university leaders – will be able to: