2020 AIEA Annual Conference Session Materials

Many thanks to session presenters for making these materials available. Note all links below will open as .pdf files unless otherwise indicated.

Building Partnerships and Developing Agreements with Foreign Institutions
William Ferreira, Peter May , William Nicholson

A Cloudy Crystal Ball: How to Prepare for Real and Threatened Changes to U.S. Immigration Policy
Meredith M. McQuaid, Pamela Dutta , Marissa Hill-Dongre , Louis Caldera

Could National Security Anxieties Threaten Global Research Collaboration?
Harvey Charles, Robert Jones , Anne Emig , Lindsay Ellis

Educating the Global Generation for 21st Century International Skills: An Urgent Agenda for SIOs
Stephen Hanson, Hilary Kahn , Miriam Kazanjian
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EducationUSA and Other U.S. Government Resources and Priorities in International Education (RT)
Clara Priester, Carolyn Collins , Peter N. Baker

Emerging Trends with SIOs in Japan and the US: A Comparative Analysis Between the Two Countries
Hiroshi Ota, Cheryl Matherly , Yukako Yonezawa

Enhancing Strategic Thinking Through Administrative Exchange- Fulbright-Nehru Program to India
Nicole Tami, Esther Rumsey , Tineka Lebrun

European Universities Networks: the Next Step in Internationalisation?
Ramon Ellenbroek , Meritxell Chaves , Kalpen Trivedi

An Evolving Regulatory Environment: What SIOs Need to Know
Nimit Mehrotra, Ian McLaughlin , Bob Lammey

Follow the Money: US and European Perspectives on Financing Internationalization
Laura Rumbley, Harvey Charles

Global Learning in the Age of Personalized Education
Ariel Armony, William Brustein , Belkys Torres

Going Beyond Campus: Comprehensive Internationalization with Local and Business Communities
Kazuko Suematsu, Hiroko Akiba , Yukako Yonezawa , Tatsuya Hirai

“How We Built This”: Developing and Implementing a Successful Global Strategy
Janaka Ruwanpura, Victoria Bick

Immigration Policies: Campus Strategies to Cope with Fast-Changing Rules
Joseph Elias, Victoria Jones , David Ware

The Impact of Experiential Education & Employability on International Enrollments
Jim McLaughlin, Charlie Bankart , Randall Deike

Interculturalization Student Empowerment and Internationalization at Home
Heike Michelsen, Amanda Sayan , Tzu-Yu Huang

Internal and External Security Communications for a Global Generation
Will Huser, Zachary Klim

Lessons Learned in Global Education: Creating a Pipeline of K-12 and Community College Partnerships
Anu Williams, Crystal Hill , Charlé LaMonica

Leveraging Campus Stakeholders to Advance Student Mobility: Opportunities and Challenges
Andy Ray, Pia Wood , Noah Rost

Leveraging Consortia in Rethinking Internationalization: Lessons from Networks in Asia-Pacific
Shingo Ashizawa, Randall Martin , Taiji Hotta , Lee Sternberger
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Mobility and Inclusivity: Collaborative Projects Addressing UN Sustainable Development Goals
Jana Kuncova, Sarah Price

New President New Provost New Dean - Advancing Internationalization in Time of Transition (RT)
Amir Reza, Natalie Schlegel , Lorien Romito

Opening Session- Setting the Stage: An Introduction to the 2020 Conference Theme
Adel El Zaïm, John Hudzik , Hans de Wit

Partnership Portfolios: What Webs Are We Weaving?
Jane Gatewood, Tim Barnes , Susan Buck Sutton

Pathways to Comprehensive Internationalization: US Department of Education International Programs
Thomas Bogenschild, Gary Thomas , Sarah T. Beaton , Cheryl Gibbs

The Power of Faculty Engagement: Strategies and Lessons Learned on the Road to Internationalization
Richard Hughey, Jeremy Hourigan , Martha Merritt , Kari Costello

Preparing the Next Generation of International Education Leaders
Jill Blondin, Heather Ward , Dawn Whitehead , Malaika Marable Serrano

Purposeful Global Engagement: Strengthening Cooperation with Brazil via CAPES-PrInt
Ni Jadon, Jose Celso Freire Junior , Leandro Tessler

Reinventing Engagement with China
Meredith McQuaid  John Hanold , Hong Yang , Cheryl Doerr

Rethinking Internationalization of Research in an Increasingly Complex World
Andreas Gothenberg, Tommy Shih , Jason Lane , Sylvia Schwaag Serger

The Role of International Educators in a New Reality 
Karin Fischer, Darla K. Deardorff

Seven-Minute Motivators: Country Issues Briefs
Ida Saeed, Elaisa Vahnie , Amy Rutherford , Jose Celso Freire Junior , Amineh Ahmed Hoti , Orla Quinlan

Seven-Minute Motivators: Enhancing Research Collaboration for Global Connectivity
Amy Rutherford, Clare Overmann , Robin Helms , Jason Cushen

Seven-Minute Motivators- Entrepreneurial Thinking: Four Perspectives on Adapting Strategies and Tactics in Times of Change
Nadine Baladi, Diane Arguijo , Rick Rattray , Larry Kuiper , Jeff Hutcheson

Seven-Minute Motivators- Establishing Offshore Operations: Challenges Opportunities and Successes
Tori Ellenberger, Brett Berquist , Jeffrey Riedinger , Kim Morrison , Matthew Pucciarelli

Seven-Minute Motivators- Global Partnerships: Opportunities and Challenges in Resource Limited Settings
Sukant Misra, Wondwossen Gebreyes, William Brustein, Mylo Schaaf

Seven-Minute Motivators: Innovations in Global Partnership Building
Nancy Coleman, Kelly McLaughlin , David Taylor , Victor Shim , Keisha Nichols , Peter May

Seven-Minute Motivators- Rethinking Education Abroad for the Global Generation: Considerations for SIOs
Elizabeth Brewer , Julie Ficarra , John Lucas , Anthony Ogden , Katherine Yngve

Seven-Minute Motivators-Rethinking Internationalization with Innovative Partnerships: What Works What Doesn’t?
Rahul Choudaha, Cindy Elliott , Rahim Karim , Tayyeb Shah , Brent White , Gbemi Disu

Spotlight Session Breakfast: Promoting Student Mobility in Asia and the Pacific
Shingo Ashizawa, Randall Martin , Kotaro Oe , Keiko Ikeda , Lee Sternberger
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Strategic Mobility Partnerships for a Global Generation: 100000 Strong in the Americas
Ukiah Busch, Maggie Hug , Jill Blondin , Nathan R. Carpenter

The Strategic Role of Exchange and Capacity Building Programs in Campus Internationalization
Amirah Nelson, Teresa Wise , Amy Fisher Bruey

Successful Engagement with the SDGs: What Colleges and Universities Can Do
Meredith M. McQuaid, Tania Rhodes-Taylor , Judy Peter , Duncan Ross

Supporting Robust Learning and Research Partnerships in Situations of Intense Economic Inequity
Alice Lesnick, Charles Reilly , Eric Hartman
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Telling Your Global Story: Communications Resources and Strategies
Gale Lynch, Rick Lee , Bonnie Shea

Understanding the ROI of Employability
Nannette Ripmeester, Kate Moore , Katie Orr
Handout  / Presentation

UNESCO’s Global Recognition Convention: Implications for the U.S. International Student Marketplace
Julia Funaki, Melanie Gottlieb

The Vital Role of Languages in Internationalization
Suzanne Panferov Reese, Paul Tavares Pinto

Where is Immigration and Exchange Policy Headed in the United States?
Thomas Bogenschild, Ilir Zherka