AIEA 2021 Leadership Nominations

Nominations should be submitted at the following link:

President-Elect, Committee Chair Deadline: October 23

With the pandemic impacting all facets of international education, there has never been a more critical moment for the Association of International Education Administrators. AIEA needs strong and committed leaders in moving the sector and the association forward into an uncharted future.  

The AIEA Board plays a primary role in guiding the association, particularly as we seek to implement our Strategic Plan and serve our diversified membership in these challenging times. We are thus looking for candidates with vision, experience, commitment, and the ability to work closely with other members of the AIEA leadership team in setting policies and priorities and providing fiduciary oversight of the association. It is also very important for AIEA leaders to uphold the values of ethical and innovative leadership, equity and inclusive excellence, curiosity and respect. 

As a member-led association, AIEA relies on its Board to broadly represent its diversified membership. We thus invite nominations from members at all institutional types, national backgrounds, and leadership positions within the field of international education. AIEA members from outside the United States are particularly encouraged to self-nominate or nominate candidates, as AIEA strongly values the perspectives international members bring to the work of the association. We also seek applications from members from smaller institutions, including community colleges and liberal arts institutions, as well as from those members who have expertise and experience in fundraising, development, communication, and marketing/branding.    

AIEA is deeply committed to advocating for real opportunities within diversity and inclusion efforts for authentically diverse leadership of international education.  

Specifically, we are seeking nominations for President-Elect, two committee chairs (Membership Committee and Public Policy Committee) and two at-large Board members. If elected, these individuals will serve on the Board for a term of three years. If you know someone who is a committed strategic leader in the sector of international education and who wants to help guide AIEA and better serve its members, please consider nominating them. If you are such a person, please consider nominating yourself. Your expertise and experience will be very helpful for the sector and for AIEA. The deadline for At-Large Board Member nominations is October 15. The deadline for President-Elect, Membership Committee Chair, and Public Policy Committee Chair has been extended to October 23

More information about the nomination process and position descriptions: 

Nomination Process 

  • Please review details about the nominations process 
  • All candidates must be current AIEA members active in international education leadership and administration. 
  • Current members of all AIEA active committees are encouraged to self-nominate 
  • Please submit nominations for the following leadership offices by the deadline. If self-nominating, please include your CV, photo, 75-word bio, along with a 75-100-word statement of interest in the position and how you intend to serve AIEA. If nominating someone else, please ensure their current AIEA membership, as well as their agreement to the nomination and provide relevant information on their background, full contact information and their CV. They will be contacted to provide the additional requested information.  
  • Nominations should be submitted at the following link:
  • Nominations should not be submitted by email and will only be accepted through the link above.  

 Position Descriptions:   

  • President-Elect: This individual will be in the leadership stream of the AIEA for three years as president elect, then president, then past president. It is important that this individual possess leadership abilities pertinent to a growing association that focuses on leading internationalization at institutions of higher education, along with a thorough knowledge of AIEA. Those interested in serving in this capacity have generally served on the Board previously and have a deep understanding of the work of the Association.  The current leadership stream for AIEA is Adel El Zaim (University of Ottowa, Canada), David Fleshler (Case Western Reserve University, USA), President-Elect.President; and Cheryl Matherly (Lehigh University, USA), Immediate Past President.
  • Board Members: Board Members serve three-year terms on the AIEA Board and provide leadership for policy and operational issues for AIEA.  Board members commit to attending three Board meetings per year (at their own expense) and providing leadership to AIEA throughout their term which could include serving on task forces and actively supporting priorities of the association.  The Board meets immediately prior to the Annual Conference, for a day-long meeting in the fall, and a virtual meeting during the summer.  NOTE:  During the pandemic, the AIEA Board has been meeting virtually.   
  • Committee Chairs: Committee chairs serve three-year terms and provide leadership for their respective committees which includes organizing regular committee meetings, actively communicating with committee members, submitting committee reports before each board meeting, working with committee members on an annual action plan, and aligning committee activities with the AIEA Strategic Plan. Committee chairs also serve as active members of the AIEA Board. The current chair vacancies are the following:  Membership Outreach Chair, Public Policy Chair. Nominations are being accepted for both of these chair positions. Current members of all AIEA active committee are encouraged to self-nominate.  

Current officers and Board Members are listed on the AIEA website. Nominated individuals will be vetted by the AIEA Governance Committee (such vetting could include interviews, recorded statements and participation in town hall discussions). The AIEA Governance Committee will work with selected candidates as the leadership ballot is sent to all AIEA members for an official vote. We are really counting on all AIEA members to engage in the election process—if you have any questions about the nomination, selection, or election process, please do not hesitate to contact the AIEA Secretariat at [email protected]   

We look forward to receiving your leadership nominations by no later than October 23.  Thank you for your attention to this important matter and for your commitment to AIEA.