2021 AIEA Annual Conference Session Materials

New! Session recordings are available to stream from 2021 AIEA Partner Day

Many thanks to session presenters for making these materials available. Note all links below will open as .pdf files unless otherwise indicated.

Actively Engaging International Students:What Can We Do to Enrich Their College Experience Virtually
Ada Li, Hong Yang, Jeet Joshee

Advancing Internationalization at HBCUs: Issues and Opportunities
Dafina Blacksher Diabate, Uttam Gualee, Jewell Winn

Breaking Down Silos in Higher Education: Rethinking Campus, Community and Global Collaborations
Amer Ahmed, Eric Hartman, Samantha Brandauer

Changing Modes of International Alumni Engagement and Philanthropy
Amy Conger, Brodie Remington, Hugh Sullivan

Comprehensive Internationalization: Focus on Staff Professional Development
Courtney Peltzer-Hönicke, Jennie Konsella-Norene, Kim Rapp, Reitumetse Mabokela

COVID-19 Is a Blip: The Pandemic as an Opportunity to Create a More Globally Engaged Future
Jennifer Engel, Mark Daly, Matthew Pucciarelli

From Knee-Jerk Response to Policy Change: Effective Operations During a Pandemic and Beyond
Douglas Proctor, Kalpen Trivedi, Patrick Morgan

Global Faculty Engagement through Seed Grants and Other Incentive Programs
Elizabeth Langridge-Noti, Jamie McGowan, Portia Williams, Richard Nader
Presentation | Handout

Global Learning in Service to Local and Regional Impact
Jeff Cohen, Svetlana Filiatreau, Virginia Rowthorn, Wendy Baker

Inclusive and Community-based Approaches in Education Abroad: Amplifying Perspectives from Abroad
Lou Berends, Samantha Brandauer

International Enrollment in a Time of Crisis: Lessons Learned from Chief Enrollment Officers
Amy Takayama-Perez, Derek DuBose, Angel Pérez

International Higher Education Leaders as Advocates and Agents of Change for Social Justice
Benedikt Brisch, JY Zhou, Yu Jiang

International Programs Funding
Andie Shafer, Ukiah Busch
Presentation | Handout Handout 2

Leadership and Career Development Strategies for International Education Professionals
Britta Baron, Earl Kellogg, Gifty Ako-Adounvo, Rick Lee
Presentation | Handout

Let's Talk India: From Recruitment to Partnerships - A Land of Opportunity (Especially Now!)
Lakshmi Iyer, Jaishankar Raman, Vinitha Gengatharan, Ahmad Ezzeddine

Leveraging US Government Resources for International Engagement
Rebecca Pisano, Stephen Hanson, Katherine Scodova, Pamela Maimer, Tim Duvall
Presentation | HandoutHandout 2

Pathways from SIO to President or Provost
Jen Cushman, Dafina Diabate, Elaine Meyer-Lee, Hilary Link

Shifting Roles of SIOs in the Era of Global Pandemic and Quest for Racial Equity
Piram Prakasam, Anne Dahlman, Philip Plourde, Roberta Espinoza, Wing-kai To

SIO leadership in Ireland – Protecting the Warm Irish Welcome in the Face of Adversity
Douglas Proctor, Anna Cunningham, Josephine (Jo) Page

Snapshots of International Education Leaders: Results of AIEA and IIE Research
Cheryl Matherly, Darla Deardorff, Mirka Martel

The Art and Science of Working with Education Agents: Quality Assurance and Partnership Strategies
Lindsay Addington, Pii-Tuulia Nikula, Eddie West

The Future of Intercultural Learning: Advancing Inclusive Global Higher Education after COVID
Clay Hensley, Darla Deardorff, Jewell Winn, Shingo Ashizawa

The Future of U.S.-China Relations and Its Effects on Operating Intl Higher Ed Programs in China
Xinning Shirley Liu, Reitumetse Mabokela, Yoonmi Noh

U.N. Sustainable Development Goals within the Global Classroom: A Virtual Collaborative Project
Jennie Konsella-Norene, Joanna Regulska, Ke Chen, Patricia Montaño

We Can Still Make it Interactive: Development of Online Intercultural Collaborative Learning Classes
Hiroko Akiba, Kazuko Suematsu, Tatsuya Hirai, Yukako Yonezawa

When ‘Here’ Becomes ‘There’: How Creative Collaborations Can Position Us for Growth in a New Era
Andrea Custodi, Heather Barclay Hamir, Kline Harrison, Meredith McQuaid, Samantha Brandauer

Working with the New European University Alliances
Kees Kouwenaar, Meredith McQuaid, Jon Atli Benediktsson, Barbara Buchenau