About AIEA

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The Association of International Education Administrators (AIEA), a membership organization formed in November 1982, is composed of institutional leaders engaged in advancing the international dimensions of higher education. The purposes of the Association are to:

  • Provide an effective voice on significant issues within international education at all levels,
  • Improve and promote international education programming and administration within institutions of higher education,
  • Establish and maintain a professional network among international education institutional leaders,
  • Cooperate in appropriate ways with other national and international groups having similar interests.

Seeking Solutions to Common Problems

AIEA gives members opportunities to join forces, exchange ideas, share institutional strategies, and provide an effective voice on matters of public policy. Avenues for addressing common problems and mutual interests include:

  • Opportunities for dialogue with colleagues
  • A unified voice on specific international legislative issues
  • New approaches to international education on campus
  • An informed perspective on the development of policy on international education
  • Workshops on topics of interest to members
  • Professional meetings
  • A scholarly journal
  • A membership directory
  • Consultant referrals
  • Other timely publications (print and electronic)

AIEA Core Values

"We are a community of leaders who value vision, strategy, and innovation in internationalizing higher education."

Statement passed by the AIEA Executive Committee, February 2010