AIEA Listserv (Members Only)

The AIEA Listserv is open only to AIEA members as one of the benefits of membership. Members are automatically subscribed and are encouraged to remain on the list since this is the key means of communication with members. To unsubscribe, send a message to the AIEA list owner

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Policy and Guidelines for Use

The AIEA Listserv is intended to provide a quick and easy way of using e-mail to exchange information, ask questions, and stimulate debate on the internationalization of higher education with your fellow professionals. The AIEA Listserv is open to AIEA members and members are automatically subscribed for the duration of their membership, upon receipt of membership dues. Members whose membership has expired will have access to the listserv for a short grace period, and will be removed from the listserv within 30 days of membership expiration. 

How to Post

Send the message to [email protected]. Before posting, please read the following guidelines carefully, including the preferred way to format and the the 'fine print.'


The AIEA list can be used to:

  • Circulate messages on issues concerning AIEA and on the internationalization of higher education
  • Announce job vacancies in international education
  • Announce not-for-profit conferences or training opportunities relevant to international educators
  • Seek guidance on internationalization issues on campus
  • Inform members about current research on internationalization

Before sending an announcement to the AIEA List, please ask yourself if your message could be considered "marketing." If yes, it is probably not appropriate for the AIEA Listserv.

The AIEA Listserv should NOT be used to:

  • Advertise commercial products and services, such as books, travel opportunities and the like
  • Announce activities which are not clearly relevant to senior-level international educators
  • Forward 'chain letters', warnings of 'virus threats,' or 'test' messages.
  • Request counseling on personal issues or seek funding or scholarships
  • Express grievances on personal or local issues.
  • Discuss personal political/religious beliefs and/or serve as a “soapbox” on issues
  • Distribute personal job or internship search postings or personal résumés/cv's.
  • Post specific conference sessions/workshops
  • Post press releases
  • Post duplicate or repeated information about non-AIEA events
  • Promote institutional programs and/or recruit participants  

If you are uncertain whether the content of your message is appropriate for the AIEA Listserv, please send a copy to the AIEA list owner and ask for advice.


  • Language: Please post all your messages in English or add an English translation and keep them concise. The AIEA Listserv has a limit to the message length and will automatically reject any messages that are too long.
  • Subject Line: Make sure the Subject line of your message is clear and specific so that people can quickly decide if they want to read it. Use 'aiea:' in the subject line of your message, followed by the specific topic of the message. Ex. aiea: New Journal On Research Of Globalization. Please include any relevant deadlines in the subject. 
  • Attachments: Do NOT try to include attachments in AIEA Listserv messages. The AIEA Listserv will reject messages with attachments, so your message will bounce back to you. Simply "copy and paste" the contents of the attachment into your e-mail message, or refer the reader to a web page with the detailed information.
  • Reply Function: The AIEA Listserv "Reply" function has been set to send replies to listserv messages only to the original sender, rather than to the entire list. However, please double-check to ensure that personal mail goes to the personal address of the individual you wish to contact, and NOT to the entire AIEA list. If you wish to send a reply to the entire list, send your message to [email protected]
  • Please do not use ALL CAPS (words entirely in uppercase) for the subject or body of the email. 

The Fine Print

  • Members agree to abide by the policy and guidelines outlined on this page, and you will be solely and legally responsible for any statements that you make on the AIEA-List.
  • You are expected to read the guidelines carefully before using the AIEA Listserv, and it is recommended that you keep a copy of this page for reference.
  • AIEA and the AIEA listserv owners reserve the right to uphold these guidelines by removing subscribers from the AIEA Listserv or using other administrative measures as approved by the AIEA Executive Board.
  • Questions on the AIEA Listserv policy and guidelines may be sent to the AIEA list owner. Thank you for your cooperation.