AIEA Strategic Plan

Strengthening Global Leadership for Internationalization

Approved by AIEA Board of Directors June 1, 2019
Updated February 2022: AIEA Strategic Plan, 2019-2023 

The AIEA 2019-2023 Strategic Plan aims at further enabling AIEA and its members to lead their institutions and higher education more generally toward the kinds of innovative, transformational, comprehensive internationalization needed for the 21stcentury.  The plan comprises four Strategic Initiatives that address specific issues and are meant to achieve strategic goals and objectives. [1]

The four strategic initiatives aim to:

  • Serve Members with Bold, Distinctive Programming and Services
  • Expand AIEA’s International Engagement, and
  • Develop and Enhance Strategic Partnerships
  • Develop a Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Framework 

AIEA will build on the commitment of its leadership, its committees and its members in order to develop specific plans of actions and achieve its specific objectives in collaboration with partner institutions, experts, and sister associations. 

 The AIEA Board is cognizant that such a strategic plan needs to be supported by an appropriate set of means and a strong structure that is constituted of the association staff members, the board members, and the diverse committees. AIEA will strengthen these constituents in such a way they are the most appropriate and strongest team committed to succeed and to realize the AIEA vision for 2023.


The Association of International Education Administrators is a member organization that equips leaders to shape the future of higher education in a global context.


AIEA advances strategic transformational approaches to internationalization of higher education; empowers those who lead such efforts; convenes global conversation on key issues; and partners with other organizations around the world to develop sustainable and forward-looking perspectives.


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