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2015 Adoption of New Bylaws 

AIEA members voted to adopt new Bylaws at the Associational Breakfast meeting on February 18, 2015 at the Annual Conference. Given AIEA’s new strategic plan, AIEA’s legal documents needed to be realigned, and the new Bylaws are the result of conversations over the last two years regarding AIEA’s strategic plan and its implementation.

These Bylaws enable AIEA to be aligned with governance structures of similar non-profit organizations. In particular, these bylaws will assist AIEA leadership in implementing a quicker and enhanced decision-making processes. The new Bylaws outline a governance structure of 19 members on the Board of Directors, four (4) of them will be ex-officio without vote (Secretary, Treasurer, Legal Advisor and Executive Director), for a total of 15 members with voting capacity. The number of fifteen (15) Board members is intentional for voting purposes. The new Bylaws allow the five (5) Committee Chairs (Membership, Leadership Development, Strategic Issues, Policy Advisory and Editorial Advisory) to be elected to three (3) year staggered terms as voting Board members. In addition, a new Audit Committee will be created with the participation of three members of the Board that will provide oversight on budget and legal compliance issues.

The vote to adopt the new AIEA Bylaws passed at the associational meeting, with voting cards passed out to 181 voting members, 138 votes cast in favor of the motion to adopt the new Bylaws, no member voting in opposition, and no member indicating that they abstained from the vote. The number of votes in favor of accepting the Bylaws constituted over two-thirds of voting members present, and the motion to accept the new Bylaws passed. The Bylaws were adopted as of February 18, 2015.

A copy of these Bylaws is available to members at this link.