AIEA Conferences

AIEA Annual Conferences

"AIEA conferences are known for their scope, depth, intimacy, and full participation of senior leaders in the field. The organization has made conscious attempts to integrate leaders from around the world, and in so doing has fostered important dialogues that both complement and transcend national and regional interests in international education."
~ Thomas Bogenschild 

Other Comments from AIEA Conference Participants 

"Premier conference in the profession. Best source for information and networking."

"Very relevant to my work, a good way to learn about new issues and practices, and a fantastic networking opportunity."

"I like the smaller size and the concentration of international educational leaders."

"By far the most useful conference I can attend in terms of networking and professional development."

"Best international education conference I've ever attended."

"The program was outstanding. The content was deep and relevant."

Future Conferences:

2021: February 15-17 *(more info to come soon)

2022: February 20-23, New Orleans, LA  (New Orleans Marriott

2023: February 19-22, Washington, DC  (Washington Marriott Wardman Park) 

2024: February 18-21, Washington, DC  (Washington Marriott Wardman Park) 

2025: February 16-19, Houston, TX  (Marriott Marquis Houston) 

Past Conferences:

2020: February February 18-21, Washington DC (Washington Marriott Wardman Park)

2019: February February 18-21, San Francisco California (San Francisco Marriott Marquis)

2018: February February 18-21, Washington DC (Washington Marriott Wardman Park)

2017: February 19-22, Washington DC (Washington Marriott Wardman Park)

2016: February 21-24, Montreal, Canada (Palais des Congres de Montreal)

2015: Feb 15-18, Washington DC (Washington Marriott Wardman Park)

2014: Feb 16-19, Washington DC (JW Marriott)

2013: Feb. 17-20, New Orleans

2012: Feb 19-22, Washington DC

2011: Feb 20-23, San Francisco

2010: Feb 14-17, Washington DC

2009: Feb. 22-25, Atlanta

2008: Feb. 17-21, Washington DC

2007: Feb. 19-22, Washington DC

2006: Feb. 22-25, San Diego