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January-February 2017

AIEA Secretary Rodolfo Hernandez Guerrero will be speaking at the Tower Center Monthly Seminar Luncheon at Southern Methodist University on Wednesday, January 25th, on the future of the U.S.-Mexico relationship under President Donald Trump.

The PIE News article “US: Trump’s revised travel ban threatens to ‘adversely impact’ HE” highlights AIEA’s statements on the U.S. Executive Orders on Immigration.

Several AIEA members, including Past President William Brustein and current Membership Committee Chair Jeet Joshee, quoted in Chronicle of Higher Education article “Trump’s Travel Ban Leaves Students Stranded — and Colleges Scrambling to Help.

December 2016

AIEA member Mark Harris addressed the United Nations on December 1.

Congratulations to AIEA member Alea Cot on her recognition for outstanding service at the NAFSA Region III Regional Conference! 

AIEA member Rahul Choudaha published University World News article International Educators Build Bridges, Not Walls, which highlights AIEA's post-U.S. 2016 statement. 

AIEA Executive Director Darla K. Deardorff spoke at the European COIL Conference in the Hague. 

AIEA members Rahul Choudaha and Di Hu published article titled  "Demonetization of Indian Currency To Impact Students Coming To Study In The U.S." in Forbes

October-November 2016

Congratulations to AIEA member Duleep Deosthale on receiving the 2016 EAIE President's Award.

Congratulations to the following AIEA members on their election to NAFSA leadership: Elaine Meyer-Lee, Michael Adewumi, Erich Dietrich, and Anne D'Angelo.

AIEA President-Elect Hilary Kahn spoke at Duke University. Her talk used Pacific Studies as her entry point and demonstrated the importance of rethinking binaries, particularly the dichotomy of global and area studies, and explored new ways to envision global studies and its impact.

Congratulations to the following AIEA Institutions on receiving a 2016 NAFSA Paul Simon Award

  • Paul Simon Award Recipients: College of William and Mary, and the University of Massachusetts Boston
  • Spotlight Award Recipients: Texas Tech University, and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 

AIEA Members Cheryl Delk Le Good, David Di Maria, Jeet Joshee, Patricia Juza, George Kacenga, Daniela Locreille, Pia Wood, and Ian Wright all presented at the 2016 AIRC Conference. 

AIEA Members Joanna Regulska and Helen Gaudette presented workshop on Faculty and SIO Collaboration to Enhance Study Abroad Impact at the 2016 IIE Summit on Study Abroad. 

Congratulations to AIEA members William Archer, Melissa Banks, Brett Berquist, Gretchen Dobson, Elaine Meyer-Lee, and Douglas Proctor, who presented at the 2016 AIEC Conference.

Congratulations to the following member institutions for receiving Fulbright-Hays funding: 

Fulbright-Hays Group Projects Abroad Short-Term Awards: St. John’s University, University of Pittsburgh, Hendrix College, Towson University, University of Texas at San Antonio, Xavier University, and Mississippi State University.  

Fulbright-Hays Group Projects Abroad Long-Term Awards: Cornell University, and University of Georgia.   

Fulbright-Hays Doctoral Dissertation Research Abroad: University of Arizona, University of California Berkeley, University of California Irvine, University of California Los Angeles, University of California-San Diego, Stanford University, University of Colorado-Boulder, Yale University, Georgetown University, Emory University, Northwestern University, Harvard University, John Hopkins University, University of Michigan, Michigan State University, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Duke University, Columbia University, Cornell University, New York University, Case Western Reserve University, University of Virginia, and University of Wisconsin. 

Title VI Undergraduate International Studies and Foreign Language Award: University of Arkansas, University of Arizona, Colorado State University, University of Colorado, University of Iowa, Western Illinois University, Western Kentucky University, University of Central Missouri, Western Michigan University, Rutgers University, University of Pittsburgh, Wofford College, and University of St. Thomas.

August-September 2016

AIEA Member 'Dimeji R. Togunde quoted in  article "Spelman College Is a Leader in Study Abroad Programs" in The Journal of Blacks in Higher Education. 

AIEA member Margit Schatzman published article "Recognizing Refugee Qualifications" in University World News. 

AIEA Board Member Jennifer Robertson published article "Community College Student Perceptions of Their Experiences Related to Global Learning: Understanding the Impact of Family, Faculty, and the Curriculum” in the Community College Journal of Research and Practice. 

AIEA Executive Director Darla K. Deardorff is the keynote speaker for the SIETAR Japan Conference, September 17-18, 2016 in Tokyo. Her keynote address is titled "Creating a Global Campus: Lessons Learned from Graduating Global-Ready Graduates." She is also an invited keynote speaker at the UMAP conference at Toyo University on September 23.

AIEA Executive Director Darla K. Deardorff and AIEA members William Archer, Brett Berquist, Eveke de Louw, Gretchen Dobson, Winnie Eley, Jane Gatewood, Daniel Guhr, Nico Jooste, Sonja Knutson, Kees Kouwenaar, Anne Pakir, Leonie Patrick, Laura Rumbley, and John Wood presented at the EAIE Conference in Liverpook, UK September 13-17. 

July 2016

West Virginia University Provost Joyce McConnell is pleased to announce that Dr. William I. Brustein, formerly of The Ohio State University and former AIEA President, will lead WVU’s global enterprise as the Vice President for Global Strategies and International Affairs, effective August 31, 2016.

AIEA President Gil Latz quoted in article: „Germany Today 2016“: Internationale Kooperation für berufliche Perspektiven (German).  

AIEA Member institution Cornell University featured in Cornell Chronicle article Laura Spitz on Cornell's Mission of Global Engagement

AIEA Executive Director Darla K. Deardorff was one of the invited participants in the US Dept of Education's Cultural and Global Competences Convening on Thursday, July 28.


June-July 2016

AIEA Executive Director Darla K. Deardorff and members Anthony Ogden, Bernhard Streitwieser, and John Dirkx contributed to The Handbook of Research on Study Abroad and Outbound Mobility.

AIEA Immediate Past-President Jenifer Cushman appointed Chancellor at Penn State Beaver. 

AIEA President Gil Latz quoted in University World News article from the 2016 NAFSA Conference.

April-May 2016

Over 50 AIEA members are presenting at the 2016 NAFSA Conference in Denver, Colorado. 

AIEA Executive Director Darla K. Deardorff is the keynote speaker for the World Universities Network's Maastricht University International Classroom Symposium in Maastricht, the Netherlands on April 4. She also gave an invited talk at the Think Tank on Global Education at Harvard University (5/18-5/20) and at Shanghai International Studies University on May 12. 

AIEA Past Presidents Susan Sutton and Jenifer Cushman along with many current AIEA members are presenting at the 2016 COIL Annual Conference

AIEA Executive Director Darla K. Deardorff and Board Member Jun Liu quoted in The Chronicle of Higher Education article "Colleges Help the Faculty Adapt Teaching for Foreign Students" by Karin Fischer. 

AIEA Members Brad Farnsworth, John Hearn, and Nico Jooste presented at the 2016 Going Global Conference in Cape Town, South Africa. 

February-March 2016

AIEA members Hans de Wit, Robin Matross Helms, Kevin Kinser, Jason Lane, and Laura Rumbley have published articles in the Spring 2016 issue of International Higher Education.

AIEA member institutions NC Central University and Dillard University featured in report from the University of Pennsylvania Increasing Diversity Abroad: Expanding Opportunities for Students at Minority Serving Institutions (.pdf). AIEA member Joti Sekhon of Winston State Salem University was also quoted in this report. 

AIEA Member Rahul Choudaha published "Higher Education Must Go Beyond Recruitment and Immigration Compliance of International Students" in Forbes Magazine. 

AIEA members Maria de los Angeles Crummett (Special Guest Editor)Robin Matross Helms, Marina Markot, Heike Michelsen, and Priscilla Slade all published articles in the 2016 Spring IIE Networker. 

Congratulations to AIEA past board member Nell Pynes on receiving The North Carolina Association of International Educators (NCAIE)  Martha Fitch Trigonis Individual Award, presented to an individual who has shown remarkable excellence in the field of international education. Those who have received the award in the past have made contributions at the state, regional, and even at the national level. Congratulations also to AIEA member institution University of North Carolina at Wilmington on receiving the NCAIE Institutional Award.

Congratulations on AIEA Board member Jun Liu for his 2016 James E. Alatis Award for Service to TESOL. 

Congratulations to AIEA members Hilary Landorf, David Fleshler, Joanna Regulska, Clare Banks, Timothy Barnes, and Kim Rapp, who are are presenting at the Best Practices Conference hosted by IIE, March 10-11.

The following AIEA members are presenting at the Forum on Education Abroad Annual Conference: Maria Anastasiou, Rebecca Bollinger, Elizabeth Brewer, Erich Dietrich, John Dirkx, Steven Duke, Maritheresa Frain, Julie Anne Friend, Mark Gallovic, Nick Gozik, Loren Intolubbe-Chmil, Zachary Klim, Katharine Krebs, Kris Hemming Lou, Elaine Meyer-Lee, Gene Murphy, Mandy Reinig, Jon Stauff, and Lee Sternberger. 

The following AIEA Annual Conference coverage includes quotes and information from many members: 

Higher Education Must Go Beyond Recruitment and Immigration Compliance of International Students
Rahul Choadaha, Forbes Magazine 

A Big World Out There: Researchers Survey the Landscape of Internationalization in Higher Education
Elizabeth Redden, Inside Higher Ed

The Future of Global Ed.: Civic Engagement, Social Responsibility, says AIEA
Sara Custer, The PIE News 

The PIE News Photo Gallery 

The CAIE Present at the AIEA Annual Conference in 2016 

WIU Alum Wins International Education Award


January 2016

Congratulations to member institutions Florida International University and Case Western Reserve University for receiving the  2016 Andrew Heiskell Award for Internationalizing the Campus from The Institute of International Education. Congratulations also to The University of Iowa, recipient of the Heiskell Award in the category of Study Abroad, and The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, recipient of the Heiskell Award in the category of International Partnerships. Member institutions Temple University, Sacred Heart University, and Northwestern University received honorable mentions. 

October 2015

AIEA Treasurer (and Past President) Gil Merkx and AIEA member Riall Nolan's book Internationalizing the Academy: Lessons of Leadership in Higher Education now available from Harvard Education Publishing Group. This  is the first book to offer a detailed look at efforts to bring ambitious and expanding portfolios of international programs to US campuses. Contributors include AIEA Past Presidents John Heyl, John Hudzik, Maria Krane, Uliana Gabara, Maria Krane, Bill Lacy, Jack Van de Water and longtime AIEA members Howard Rollins and Joe Brockington. 

AIEA Board Members Hilary Kahn and Jennifer Robertson, and members Scott Manning, Dona Cady, Rebecca Hovey, Hilary Landorf, Stephanie Doscher, Jiangyuan Zhou, Roger Brindley, and Jill E. Blondin presented at the AAC&U Global Learning  in College Conference: Defining, Developing, and Assessing Institutional Roadmaps from October 8-10, 2015 in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.  

AIEA Past President John Hudzik and member Sean Manley-Casimir presenting at the Conference of the Americas on International Education (CAIE): Internationalization of Innovation, Science, and Technology: Building an Inter-American Agenda from October 20-22 in Quito, Ecuador. 

AIEA Immediate Past President Harvey Charles speaking at the IUPUI Assessment Institute on October 25-27, 2015 in Indianapolis, IN. 

AIEA Executive Director Darla K. Deardorff and members Fanta Aw and Madeleine Green presenting at The Internationalization of Higher Education: Moving Beyond Mobility, October 28-30, 2015 in Siena, Italy.

AIEA member Fanta Aw presenting at the AIEC Conference on October 6-9, 2015. 

AIEA member Rahul Choudaha is presenting on “The Rise of 'Glocal' Students and New Models Of Transnational Education” at OECD Conference on Higher Education Futures in Singapore. He also was published in the Guardian in "How China Plans to Become a Global Force in Higher Education," an article that shares three major trends related to the internationalization of Chinese higher education that will help institutions create informed strategies.

Victor Savicki and AIEA member Elizabeth Brewer have edited a book due out in October 2015 from Stylus Press.  The primary audience for Assessing Study Abroad:  Theory, Tools, and Practice is practitioners charged with assessing student learning outcomes.
September 2015

AIEA President Jenifer Cushman, AIEA Executive Director Darla K. Deardorff, AIEA Past President John Hudzik, and over 25 other members are presenting at the 2015 EAIE Conference in Glasgow, Scotland.

AIEA Past President Sabine Klahr published Pathway Provider Partnerships in Higher Education: What Institutions Should Consider in September-October issue of the International Educator. 

AIEA Executive Director Darla K. Deardorff, AIEA Board Member Cheryl Matherly and AIEA members Rajika Bhandari and Colleen Thouez published in the 2015 Fall issue of IIENetworker. 

August 2015

AIEA member Scott Manning quoted in Chronicle of Higher Education article "Why a Global Education Doesn't Have to Mean Going Abroad" by Karin Fischer.

July 2015

AIEA Past President William Brustein authored The Socialism of Fools? Leftist Origins of Modern Anti-Semitism, published by Cambridge University Press. 

AIEA President Jenifer Cushman featured in The Daily Jeffersonian article "Ohio University Zanesville dean featured speaker at British Columbia Council for International Education Summer Seminar."

AIEA member Rahul Choudaha's piece titled "Building an Ecosystem of Higher Education Innovation" featured on Huffington Post.

Congratulations to AIEA Past President Harvey Charles on his new position as Vice Provost and Dean of International Education at the University at Albany. 

Congratulations also to AIEA member Sherif Barsoum on his new position as Assistant Vice President, Global Services at New York University.

AIEA Presidential Fellow David Di Maria recognized in Montana State University News, and AIEA Presidential Fellow Paulo Zagalo-Melo recognized in the Missoulian.

AIEA member Rahul Choudaha's article analyzing the trends with global mobility of Chinese students, "The end of the China growth story?" published in University World News. 

AIEA President Jenifer Cushman featured in The PIE News article "BCCIE: Focus on Student Support, Global Challenges" by Beckie Smith. 

June 2015

The June 2015 issue of INSIGHT into Diversity features global education and includes articles featuring 2015 AIEA Workshop presenters Marilyn Mobley and Andrew Gordon and AIEA members Natalia Dyba and David Fleshler. 

AIEA President Jenifer Cushman was a featured speaker at the British Columbia Council for International Education's Summer Seminar in Whistler, Canada. 

AIEA members John Hearn, Patti McGill Peterson, and Baishakhi Taylor presented at the 2015 Going Global Conference in London, UK. 

AIEA President-Elect Gil Latz quoted in Education Writers Association blog post "Influx of International Students Spurs U.S. Colleges to Change."

May 2015

AIEA Past President William Lacy interviewed in The PIE News; the interview mentions his time as president of the Association. 

AIEA President Jenifer Cushman speaking at the sixth edition of the Global Meeting of Associations of Universities, organized by the International Association of Universities, May 7-8 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. 

Over 100 AIEA members are presenting at the 2015 NAFSA conference:  E. Anneli Adams, Gifty Ako-Adounvo, Teri Albrecht, Ravi Ammigan, Maria Anastasiou, Dorothea Antonio, Stephen Appiah-Padi, Cathy Lee Arcuino, Fanta Aw, Pamela Barrett, Sherif Barsoum, Kati Bell, Rajika Bhandari, Laurie Black, Elke Breker, AIEA Board Member Elizabeth Brewer, Kendall Brosteun, Kevin Browne, AIEA Past President William Brustein, Michael Brzezinski, Charles Calahan, Daryn Cambridge, Christopher Carey, AIEA Past President Harvey Charles, Rahul Choudaha, David Clubb, Jennifer Creamer, Sarah Curry, AIEA President Jenifer Cushman, Anne D'Angelo, AIEA Executive Director Darla Deardorff, Duleep Deosthale, David Di Maria, Stephanie Doscher, Steven Duke, Lorna Jean Edmonds, Ivor Emmanuel, Jane Gatewood, Becky George, Sheila Gersh, Andrew Gordon, Nick Gozik, Mary Anne Grant, Madeleine Green, Jennifer Gruenewald, Mark Hallett, Shideh Hanassab, Mady Hansen, Mark Harris, Sam Heikinen, Carl Herrin, Anne -Clair Hervy, Paul Hofmann, Chad Hoseth, Kristi Hubbard, AIEA Past President John Hudzik, Steve Jacques, George Kacenga, Amanda Kelso, Sonja Knutson, Jane Kucko, Dale LeFleur, Hilary Landorf, Kris Lou, Samantha Lu, Jesse Lutabingwa, Virginia Macchiavello, Gabrielle Malfatti, Scott Manning, Robin Matross Helms, JoAnn McCarthy, Meredith McQuaid, Elaine Meyer Lee, Anthony Ogden, Josephine Page, Douglas Palmer, AIEA Board Member Judith Pennywell, Leigh Poole, Susan Popko, Matthew Pucciarelli, AIEA Board Member Penelope Pynes, Joanna Regulska, Jeffrey Riedinger, Craig Rinker, Laura Rumbley, Sinead Ryan, Christina Sanchez, Margit Schatzman, Joti Sekhon, Harlan Smith, Joy Stevenson, Brian Stiegler, Linda Tobash, Kalpen Trivedi, Paaige Turner, Leo  Van Cleve, Scott Van Der Meid, Heather Ward, Brain Whalen, David Woodward, and Yenbo Wu.

Congratulations to former AIEA members Peter Briggs, Norm Peterson, & Joy Stevenson who received life membership in NAFSA at the 2015 NAFSA Conference in Boston. 

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