They were at the Beginning: 
Lessons from Leaders in Internationalization

The internationalization of higher education is a relatively recent phenomenon, but increasingly accepted as critical to the missions and daily operations of colleges and universities.  To help capture the history of internationalization, AIEA and its Editorial Committee are pleased to offer AIEA members and others a chance to learn from those who were there at the beginning of the internationalization that we experience today.  Thus the interviews focus on leaders who in the late 20th century led the internationalization of higher education in the U.S. and abroad.

Many thanks go to Dr. Joan Elias Gore of the Foundation for International Education for initiating and leading the project. Dr. Gore conducted a similar interview series with U.S. higher education leaders on behalf of CIEE, the Council on International Education Exchange.  That series featured those who, from the end of  WWII through the mid-20th century, laid the foundation for the internationalization movement in the United States.  The previous series is housed with CIEE. 


AIEA Past President John Heyl of has highlighted themes from some of these interviews, which can be found at his website or at these links (.pdf):

Interview with Philip Altbach and Hans de Wit:

Interview with William Brustein: 


Interview with Jenifer Cushman:


Interview with Stephen Dunnett:


Interview with Mark Harris:


Interview with Uliana Gabara:


Interview with Madeleine F. Green:


Interview with Arlene Jackson:


Interview with Nico Jooste: 


Interview with Earl Kellogg:


Interview with Bill Lacy: 


Interview with JoAnn McCarthy: 


Interview with Gil Merkx:


Interview with Riall Nolan:


Interview with Joe Tullbane:


Interview with Sylvain St-Amand: 


Interview with Susan Buck Sutton:


Interview with Donna Scarboro:


Interview with Michael Woolf: