AIEA provides two membership fee funding options: Institutionally-Funded and Individually-Funded
*these are not member types, they only indicate how a membership is funded

These funding options are particularly relevant for:

-AIEA members whose institutions only fund an “Institutional Membership”
-What occurs with a membership when an AIEA member leaves their institution or organization

Institutionally-Funded Membership

Fee to be paid by the institution or

Individually-Funded Membership

Fee to be paid by the individual member. 

Institutionally- Funded Membership
Institutionally-funded memberships stay with the institution/organization and do not move with an individual. The membership is transferrable to another individual employed at the institution/organization. *Note: This person must be an employee on payroll at the institution/organization. Multiple staff members can join AIEA from one organization or institution. There is no longer any requirement for a designated person that holds the membership in order for other staff members to join. 
*Note: Each individual staff member must join AIEA in order to be a member and be eligible for member benefits. An institutionally funded membership does not serve as a membership for all staff employed at an institution/organization. 

Individually- Funded Membership
This membership stays with the individual and remains active throughout the member term regardless of where the member is employed. This is not a member type.

Transfer Policy 

Individually funded membership- transferrable to any institution or organization throughout the member term. Please send your updated details to [email protected].

Institutionally funded membership- transferrable to another staff at the institution/organization throughout the member term. *Note: Only one transfer is allowed during the member term for each institution/organization. This person must be an employee on payroll at the institution/organization. The membership transfer would be valid through the end of the membership term unless notified otherwise.

Special Funding

AIEA will provide partial funding (50% of the member cost) upon request to members in the following situations:

  • Community colleges, HBCUs, or other MSIs. The member’s current institution must be listed as a community college, historically black college or Minority Serving Institution according to the Carnegie Classification. The Carnegie Classification (of Institutions of Higher Education) is a taxonomy of U.S. colleges and universities. The categories are based on information about the institutions, such as types of degrees conferred, academic disciplines offered, and specialization. Institutions from outside the U.S. must provide confirmation that their institution is an equivalent institution type in their system.
  • Members who currently reside in countries which are defined as low-income economies or as lower-middle-income economies as defined by The World Bank Group.
  • Retired AIEA members: You must have been an AIEA member for at least 3 years prior to retirement and are not currently earning an income in international education (including consulting).

If you believe you fit the criteria for partial funding, please submit a request along with your renewal/join form. Please allow us 14 business days from the date submitted to provide feedback on your request. Note: Please do not submit payment until you receive feedback on your partial funding request.   

Submit a form to request eligibility for partial funding

*Florida members must join using non-public funds. Public funds may not be used in Florida to pay for membership.