AIEA Partnered Webinars 

AIEA appreciates that many of our partner organizations have important knowledge, data, and resources to share with our members and is please to offer partnered webinars as an opportunity to share this information. To discuss presenting a partnered webinar with AIEA, please contact Katy Rosenbaum at the AIEA Secretariat. 

Past Partnered Webinars: 

Approaches to Equity in International Education Practice
October 13, 1:00 PM ET
In Partnership with Terra Dotta 

The webinar will explore extending DEI, and other social justice initiatives/practices to the global arena, and discuss how international educators can intentionally promote equity and social justice globally, particularly when engaging with countries of the "Global South."

Stephen Appiah-Padi, Director, Office of Global & Off-campus Education, Bucknell University
Dr. Amer Ahmed, Vice Provost for DEI, University of Vermont

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Student-Centered Approaches to Internationalization
October 6, 1:00 PM ET
In Partnership with Terra Dotta 

The academic and professional goals of students require curricula and learning opportunities that are global in nature, meaning institutions need to be pragmatic in their pursuits of global engagement. The webinar highlights examples of how second language acquisition, English pathway programs, and global affairs internships promote internationalization at the student level.  

Christine (Tina) Isabelli, Academic Director, Center for Global Engagement, Gonzaga University
Cornell Menking, Director, Global Gateway Program,  Baylor University
Beth Mugler Vargas, Executive Director, Center for International Programs, State University of New York at New Paltz

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How to Successfully Run a Campus Abroad

September 15, 2022 1:00 pm ET
Partnered Town Hall with Terra Dotta 


  • Voytek Wloch, Executive Director, Global Affairs and English Language Institute, Sacred Heart University
  • Grace Flannery, Program Co-Director, Sacred Heart University in Dingle
  • Christina Gunther, Chair, Deptartment of Health Sciences & Director, Global Health Programs | B.S. in Health Science Program; Clinical Assistant Professor, Sacred Heart University

The Sacred Heart University campus in Dingle, Ireland is a vital component of SHU's internationalization strategy. Annually, hundreds of students and tens of faculty travel to study and teach in this overseas location, where SHU offers an immersive Irish Studies program in the heart of the Irish-speaking Dingle Gaeltacht region. Using Dingle as the campus classroom, students live the Irish experience through hands-on seminars led by accomplished scholars and local experts. The panel detailed how SHU in Dingle operations are successfully run thanks in part to the campus' strong U.S., Irish, and global relationships.

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Supporting Chinese Students’ Success and Engagement in the New Normal: Reflection and Reimagination
Partnered Town Hall with New Mind Education: 

April 8, 2021, 1:00 pm ET 
Presenters: Bailian Li (NCSU) ,Karin Sandler (New Mind), Susan Chuang (New Mind) 

The issues of student success and engagement among Chinese students are well-observed and ongoing challenges for US universities.  Beyond language skills, Chinese students also face hurdles with their understanding of academic expectations and cultural adaptation which has their roots in the Chinese education system.

As the coronavirus pandemic forced universities to shift their instruction and services to a virtual environment, it also provided them with an opportunity to experiment with traditional programming and its delivery. With the advent of the “new normal,” a number of new possibilities are now available to higher education institutions, allowing them to reimagine their offerings in order to better engage Chinese students and support their development.  

Chat Transcript from 4/08/2021 Call (.pdf)

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Joint Degree Programs and Partnerships with Indian Higher Education Institutions 
Partnered Town Hall with Sannam S4

November 20, 11:00 a.m. EST  
Moderator: Michael Green (Sannam S4) 
Presenters: Peter Clack (Director of Global Exeter, University of Exeter), Kiki Caruson (Professor and Interim Vice President, USF World, University of South Florida), Nidhi Piplani Kapur (Head - Symbiosis Centre for European Studies (SCES), Symbiosis International University, India), Delia Heneghan, (Director of Education - India, Sannam S4), Krista Northup (Director of Education - North America, Sannam S4)

This session will provide multi-country perspectives on how to build sustainable cross border alliances with Indian Higher Education institutions. We will delve into the key factors of consideration for universities that are looking to build joint degree programs and collaborative provisions with Indian institutions such as different models of partnership, program lifecycles and risk management techniques. The approach of the session is to share best practices from different geographies and also engage in problem solving regarding existing impediments to develop partnerships. We will also cover how India’s new National Education Policy will impact the future of cross-border partnerships and highlight immediate opportunities for AIEA members. The outcome of this session is to encourage the development of impactful partnerships with Indian institutions and identify the tools required to create mutually-beneficial collaborations.

Chat Transcript from 11/20/2020 Call (.pdf)

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The Future of International Education: Why Agility Is Now Integral to Strategic Planning
Partnered Town Hall with Terra Dotta

August 19, 1:00 p.m. EST 
Moderator: Kerry Geffert (Terra Dotta)
Presenters: Aaron Clevenger (Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University), Elaine Meyer-Lee (Goucher College)

If 2020 has taught international educators anything, it has been that simply having well-developed emergency plans may be insufficient. They are, of course, important, but many of our plans may not have anticipated events impacting all our students at the same time, nor that they required broad immediate responses and mobilization. 

Agility is a characteristic more common to the business world than higher education. Committee structures and hierarchical administrations traditionally have not lent themselves to quick decisions and actions. The events of this year, however, have tested international educators by requiring immediate responses with far-reaching implications on the entire institution.

This pandemic will not last forever (despite how we may feel currently), although the lessons will be considered far into the future. International educators will review our crisis plans and SIOs will again engage in strategic planning. It will behoove us to borrow a page from our business partners and consider agility in our planning so as to quickly adapt in an ever-rapidly changing world. The bar is being raised and the expectations are increasing. The next time will not be “unprecedented.”

Chat Transcript from 8/19/2020 Call (.pdf)
Presentation Slides from 8/19/2020 Call (.pdf)  

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