Past AIEA Thematic Forums

2023 Forum

April 21, 2023: The Future of International Education: Creative Solutions for Contemporary Challenges  
April 13-14, 2023: Building Research Partnerships with Top Universities in Brazil

2022 Forum

November 11, 2022: Global Engagement and Leading Campuses Abroad
November 3-4, 2022: Strategic Budgeting for Internationalization 
April 14-15, 2022: Faculty Leadership in the Changing Landscape of Global Education: Modalities and Curricular Design
March, 2022: Equity-Sensitive Strategies of Higher Education in South Africa: Internationalization@Home in Post-Pandemic Times 

2021 Forum:

November, 2021: Overcoming Challenges for Global Engagement through Virtual Exchange
May, 2021: Consistently Engaged: An Exploration of the Intersection of Justice, Equity, Inclusion and Internationalization 
April, 2021: Curriculum as a Collaborative Space: How to Organize Catalytic and Effective SIO-Faculty Collaborations on Curricula

2018-2019 Forum:

March, 2019: SIO/Faculty Partnership: Internationalizing the Campus through Faculty

2017-2018 Forums:

February 2017: Mapping Strategies to Reach Your Vision for International Education 
March 2017: Teaching Tolerance & Peace in Education: Perspectives from the East and West
April 2017: Far Beyond Recruitment: Understanding Chinese International Students and Helping Them Succeed
May 2017: The United States as an Arctic Nation: Opportunities for Collaboration in Internationalization

2015-2016 Forums:
March, 2016: Global Learning through the Co-Curriculum 
March, 2016: Leveraging Industry Partnerships in a Global Context for Student and Faculty Success
November 2015: Comprehensive University Internationalization: Strategies for East and South Asia
August 2015: Inclusion and Diversity in Study Abroad: How to Create an Inclusive Environment 

2014-2015 Forums:
April 2015: Strategies for International Student Success: Recruitment to Alumni
March 2015: The Foundation for Campus Internationalization at Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs)
February 2015: Internationalizing the University: Globalizing Research and Innovation via US-EU Transatlantic Cooperation

2013-2014 Forums:
April 2014: Developing Institutional Strategies for Growing Global Research
January 2014: Internationalizing Community Colleges: The Texas Agenda 
March 2013: Indiana University's Global Learning and Teaching Institute

Thematic Forums prior to 2013-2014:
November 2011: International Education and Careers in a Global Society
January 2011: One Size Does Not Fit All: Sustained Global Commitments for the Small and Medium Sized Institution