Provosts' Perspectives

Chief Academic Officers (provosts, deans, vice presidents for academic affairs) play pivotal roles in situating internationalization within the academic agenda of their institutions, a task made more complex but also more necessary by the increasing emphasis on accountability and transparency in higher education. Senior International Officers in turn must seek to understand the competing priorities of Chief Academic Officers, and use this understanding to (re)frame campus internationalization goals so that these complement and extend Chief Academic Officers’ initiatives.

The purpose of this series is thus to shed light on the internationalization of higher education from the perspectives of the individuals responsible for the academic functioning of colleges and universities. The series hopes to capture Chief Academic Officers' thinking and actions, to learn from their successes, and, as importantly, to learn from the constraints they and their institutions have faced in their internationalization endeavors. Ultimately, AIEA hopes that the series will be informative for both Chief Academic Officers engaged in furthering the internationalization of their institutions and the Senior International Officers whose responsibility is to inform and support this work.

The pieces in this series are deliberately kept brief in order to provide key examples and lessons. Most take the shape of an interview (rather than a formal essay) to allow the individual voices and experiences of the respective Chief Academic Officers to be heard.

Template: Provosts' Perspective Template (.pdf)

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Provosts' Perspectives

Lilly Kong (Singapore Management University) 
A Global City University in Asia in Continuous Transformation
Mette Hjort (Lingnan University): 
The Liberal Arts and Internationalization:  Leveraging Student Mobility, Partnerships, and Faculty Hires
Marilza Vieira Cunha Rudge (Universidade Estadual Paulista -São Paulo State University):
Internationalization as a Driver for Research, Education, and Regional Development
Peter McCagg (Akita International University- 国際教養大学): 
Internationalizing Higher Education in Rural Japan
Ralph J. Hexter (University of California, Davis):
Seeking Solutions to Global Challenges
Lori Stewart Gonzalez (Appalachian State University): 
Making Local to Global Connections for a Sustainable Future
Christine M. Riordan (University of Kentucky): 
Linking Internationalization to Mission, Priorities, Capacities, and Opportunities
Ralph C. Wilcox (University of South Florida):
High Impact Global Research and Student Success
Warren Burggren  (University of North Texas):
Collaborations across the Institution for Internationalization
Robert E. Page (Arizona State University):
Engaging Globally with People and Issues, Locally, Nationally, and Internationally 
Mark L. Greenberg (Drexel University):
Preparing Undergraduates for Careers in the 21st Century 
Hugh F. Lena (Providence College): 
Creating Structures and Processes to Internationalize 
Perry J. Brown (The University of Montana):
Preparing Students for the Global Century 
Stephen Garton (University of Sydney): 
Internationalization through Strategic Partnerships
Liz Grobsmith (Northern Arizona University): 
Global Learning, International Student Enrollments, and Campus Internationalization
John Simon (University of Virginia):
Lifelong Learning and Global Engagement Keys to Success