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Issue Brief Guidelines | Occasional Paper Guidelines Social Justice and DEI Series Guidelines 

AIEA Issue Brief Author Guidelines

The goal of AIEA Issue Briefs is inform AIEA members and the larger international education community about key issues in the internationalization of higher education and potential responses.  Issue Briefs are intentionally concise, but provide references to enable SIOs to investigate the issue in greater depth. AIEA Issue Briefs are peer reviewed.

To prepare an Issue Brief:

  • State the issue for consideration, how it emerged, and its relevance to AIEA’s mission and membership of senior international officers from around the world
  • Discuss the significance and possible impacts of the issue
  • Provide one or more possible or attempted responses to the issue and discuss potential ramifications, positive and/or negative
  • Include references and resources to help readers investigate the issue in more depth
Length:  1,000 to 1,500 words

Style:  APA

Please send submissions to committee chair Funwi Ayuninjam ([email protected]).   Please include “AIEA Issue Brief” in the subject line.  Queries about potential topics can be directed to the same address.

AIEA Occasional Paper Author Guidelines

AIEA Occasional Papers are essays or reports that inform the AIEA membership and the larger international education community about subjects relevant to the internationalization of higher education.  They focus on some combination of practice, research, and theory, and should include analysis and discussion of an issue and/or reflection on experiences with current themes in internationalization.  Occasional papers may emerge from or lead to presentations in AIEA conferences, thematic forums, or other AIEA events.

Occasional Papers will include a:
  • Title
  • Author name and affiliation
  • Abstract
  • Key Words
  • Main text
  • References
As AIEA Occasional Papers are electronic publications, authors are encouraged to use headings, sub-headings, text boxes and graphics to help make the paper reader-friendly.

AIEA Occasional Papers are peer reviewed are generally 3,000 to 5,000 words in length (excluding abstract, key words, and references), although longer submissions will be accepted.  Manuscripts should follow APA style.

While all submissions on any topic relevant to AIEA’s mission will be accepted, topics recently identified by AIEA members as of particular interest include:

  • Strategic planning for internationalization
  • Study abroad from the SIO perspective
  • Faculty & curriculum
  • Assessment and accreditation
  • Legal/regulatory structures connected to international partnerships
  • Fundraising, revenue, and infrastructure for internationalization
  • World affairs issues and their impact on internationalization
  • Branch campuses: when and how, accreditation, risk management, opportunities
Please send submissions to committee chair Funwi Ayuninjam ([email protected]).   Please include “AIEA Occasional Paper” in the subject line.  Queries about potential topics, paper formats, and so on can be directed to the same address.

AIEA Social Justice and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Series Guidelines

Recent global tragedies have underscored an urgency for higher education to embrace and ground social justice, anti-racist, and deeply collaborative ways of learning at the heart of its work. To meet these challenges, social justice must be intentionally foregrounded in our daily work in international education as a whole to make tangible inroads toward diversity, equity, and inclusion. 

This series focuses on unique strategies and practices to bring about change that bear on social justice, diversity, equity, and inclusion on campus through:

  • Decolonizing the curriculum in international education, disciplinary majors, and general education
  • Building faculty-staff collaborative coalitions for social justice-focused internationalization efforts
  • Prioritizing social justice/diversity, equity, and inclusion in international education programming, international partnerships, staffing, and hiring
  • Other relevant domains in higher education.

AIEA welcomes original contributions for this series from all colleagues working on social justice/ diversity, equity, and inclusion issues in international higher education. Contributions should be written with a Senior International Officer audience in mind.  All contributors should follow the guidelines below.

Please address all prospective ideas, questions, and submissions to both series editors, [email protected] and [email protected].

AIEA Series on Social Justice and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion - Guidelines for Submission

 To propose an article for this series, please submit the following information to the series editors, [email protected] and [email protected]:

Your Name
Your Title
Your Institution/Organization
Brief Bio
Title of Your Article Abstract (300 words minimum)
Outline of the Article (please make it as complete as possible)

Submission and Review Process

The series editors will evaluate submissions and forward recommended proposals to the AIEA Publications and Resources Committee for peer review. Upon acceptance by the committee, the authors may proceed with developing full manuscripts.
Completed manuscripts are then reviewed by the series editors to make recommendations to the AIEA Publications and Resources Committee to publish.