Senior International Officer (SIOs): Pathways & Perspectives

AIEA seeks to capture the experiences and viewpoints of SIOs and to learn about the personal and professional journeys that have brought them to their current positions.  In the past several decades, the international higher education landscape has grown increasingly diverse, both in terms of the types of institutions represented and those who serve in leadership roles. AIEA seeks to present the full breadth and variety of SIO pathways and perspectives, to add nuance to our understanding of who already serves in SIO roles, and to provide an inspiration and model for others who may be considering such a career path.

AIEA welcomes contributions for the series, either from SIOs directly or based on an interview of an SIO. The template below should serve as a guide for all submissions.

The address for questions and submissions is [email protected].  All submissions will be reviewed by the AIEA Publications and Resources Committee.


Note:  Word counts below are suggested.

Basic Information

Time Serving in the Role to Date
Brief Description of the Institution (50 words)
Brief Bio (75-words)

Interview Questions

SIOs are invited to respond to all nine questions and no fewer than seven. The suggested word length for each response is 150-200 words. Interviews may also be presented in video format, such as by recording using Skype, Zoom, etc. All videos should already be edited, ready for posting, and approximately 10 minutes in length.

  1. Describe your current role as a senior international officer (SIO). How would you describe your institution? What areas are you responsible for?
  2. Tell us about your career path. What were some of the critical events/decisions that led you to your current position?
  3. What strengths do your identities bring to the position?
  4. What advice would you give to aspiring SIOs in terms of knowledge, skills, and experience? Would this advice vary based on a person’s identities?
  5. What would you do differently if you were just beginning your career in international education?
  6. How does your work as SIO intersect and align with your institution’s mission and initiatives?  Is there intersection with your institution’s diversity, equity, and inclusion work?
  7. What strategic issues do you think SIOs should prioritize at this time?
  8. What has been your favorite international experience so far? (This may be an initiative you have shepherded, an event held on your campus, an experience while studying abroad, an experience with your local international community, or anything else that stands out in your international career.)
  9. Why does internationalization matter? To you, to your institution, to your country, to the world?