"AIEA is the best professional organization in the field of international higher education."

William Lacy
Vice Provost
University Outreach and International Programs
University of California, Davis

“As higher education races to keep up with the global imperatives, the sharing of best practices is vital. In this regard, AIEA provides an invaluable service. Fostering a community of thoughtful and engaged individuals who think all day about the resources, strategies, and structures that will serve a rapidly expanding constituency, AIEA serves as a gravitational center, allowing us to advocate effectively and implement solutions that are right for our institutions, our students, and the broader context in which we live and work.”

Susan Carvalho
Associate Provost
International Programs
University of Kentucky

“AIEA conferences are known for their scope, depth, intimacy, and full participation of senior leaders in the field. The organization has made conscious attempts to integrate leaders from around the world, and in so doing has fostered important dialogues that both complement and transcend national and regional interests in international education.”

Thomas Bogenschild
Global Education Office
Vanderbilt University

“AIEA is my association of choice. Why? Initially, because it was THE only organization where people shared my concerns about how to promote and manage the internationalization of higher education. Now, these people are not only colleagues but friends. The AIEA community is by and large an extraordinarily nice bunch of people. Moreover, I keep learning new things at every conference.”

Gilbert W. Merkx
International and Area Studies
Duke University

"Currently working as the Vice Provost of International Programs at Drake University, I can say unequivocally that AIEA has consistently been the organization I have turned to throughout the years for the best strategic and pragmatic information on internationalization. Other organizations such as ACE and AAC&U produce quality data and best practices, but it is members of AIEA that uses this data and draws upon the best practices. Attending an AIEA conference, interacting with AIEA colleagues, reading AIEA resources is the best way to stay abreast of and make good use of the cutting edge information and practices in our field."

Christa Olson
Vice Provost
International Programs
Drake University

"AIEA has not only provided the best professional development and networking for me, but also helped me develop my career path, define my leadership role at several institutions, and connect me to the most interesting opportunities and influential leaders in our field. Through challenging professional situations, AIEA gave me the confidence and support I needed to persevere and reach my goal of serving in an international leadership role at the “right” institution and in the “right” location. Therefore, it is such an honor for me to serve as the 2013 AIEA President. Along with many others in the association, I am committed to helping peers and colleagues benefit from this exceptional community of leaders."

Sabine Klahr
International Center
The University of Utah

"The internationalization of higher education is of critical importance and requires vision, strategy, and the ability to identify and mobilize resources. AIEA helps equip SIOs to internationalize their institutions by providing a platform for the sharing of experiences and best practices in higher education across the world, and engaging SIOs with tough questions."

Elizabeth Brewer
International Education
Beloit College

"AIEA is an indispensable resource. Its member services and annual meeting are designed to address the needs of diverse educational organizations; make sense of the dynamic and increasingly complex field of international education; and provide leadership mentoring for international education administrators. Here at IUPUI, membership in AIEA benefits the work of the Offices of International Affairs and we are proud to be involved and contributing to the AIEA mission."

Gil Latz
Associate Vice Chancellor
International Affairs
Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis
Associate Vice President
International Affairs
Indiana University

"I became professionally involved with AIEA in 2008 when I started my SIO position at Catholic University of America as a way to learn about my new position and network with fellow SIOs. I have been extremely happy with my affiliation with AIEA, and have attended its annual conference every year. I find the conferences to be particularly helpful in both learning about the broad themes in international education leadership as well as in networking with my peers. I have been so impressed that I decided to volunteer my time to be part of two AIEA committees (professional development and conference planning) and I look forward to a more active engagement with AIEA in the upcoming years."

Tanith Fowler Corsi
Assistant Vice President
Global Education
The Catholic University of America, Center for Global Education

"Visioning, strategic planning, management, program development and academic integration of international programs are only a few of the areas with which international education leaders grapple at our individual institutions. AIEA conferences and membership allows these singular senior international education officers to come together with likeminded colleagues to discuss common issues, share strategies and find creative solutions. The small size of the membership facilitates effective communication and provides a more personalized venue for senior international leadership than other organizations."

Alice Gail Bier
Senior Director
International Education and Global Engagement
Brooklyn College, City University of New York (CUNY)

2012 AIEA Conference Participant Testimonials

"Best international education conference I've ever attended."

"Very relevant to my work, a good way to learn about new issues and practices, and a fantastic networking opportunity."

"Always a good conference, both on topics and for networking."

"I like the smaller size and the concentration of international educational leaders."

"Premier conference in the profession. Best source for information and networking."

"By far the most useful conference I can attend in terms of networking and professional development."

"Oh my goodness, I was so impressed with the quality of attendees."

"The plenary speakers were among the best I have seen."

"Highlight: The conversations I had, many of them unplanned, with colleagues for all over the world."

"The program was outstanding. The content was deep and relevant."